Hackathon - Scenario 1: CCTV cameras - yes or no?

Have your say about CCTV cameras!

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A city plans to install CCTV cameras at a public place because of frequent robberies and other criminal activities. Especially at day times, this place is a common meeting point for youngsters to skate and hang out. There are critical voices that are afraid about the privacy when the cameras are installed. Therefore, please tell the arguments pros and cons for having cameras installed

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Arguments for CCTV cameras

Please provide why we should or should not instal the cameras

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guimar25 12 Maggio 2017
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Test 1

guimar25 15 Maggio 2017
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My test

lgmartinezb 15 Maggio 2017
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Grrrrrrr mrrrr

Gaël 15 Maggio 2017
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The results shall be 1) an overview over existing arguments and 2) a vote that shows if the majority is for or against the plan to install the cameras.

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