In which color should Kathi color her hair?

Kathi wants to color her hair, but cannot decide.

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I went to see the doctor, I'd come down with the blues She said that "I can't cure you, but here's something you could do Take out a piece of paper and go sit down for a while And draw a pretty picture of something that makes you smile" Well, I know what makes me happy, I didn't have to think for long But when I tried to draw it, it always came out wrong I had a box of 12, 48, and 64 But nowhere could I find that one shade I was looking for I guess I realized, shoulda come as no surprise Crayola doesn't make a color for your eyes There is no way that I could possibly describe you Crayola doesn't make a color to draw my love

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Black Blue

hello_kathi_stage 20 Октомври 2020

Kathi will color her hair in that color

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