Ideas for Halloween 2020

As you know every year, in October, at Youth.Inc we organise a Halloween Activity. This year we'd like young people to share ideas what should be organised during Halloween.



On the 31st October 2020, Youth.Inc is planning to host a Halloween activity. This year we are invite you, young people to propose ideas of what should be held. The activities can be hosted at Agenzija Sta Venera, need to be 3 hours long and are for Youth.Inc participants and former youth who completed the programme. 

The young person who will come up with the most interesting ideas and implemented will have the opportunity to participate automtically in a youth exchange which will be hosted in Finland. 

Kontakt za vprašanja

Simon Schembri

Agenzija Zghazagh, St Joseph High Road, Sta Venera

Telefon: 99787253

Elektronska pošta Spletna stran

Ideas for Halloween 2020 - Organisation team

11.2.2020. 09:00

Once the idea generation will be terminated. The youth workers will be hosting a meeting at the youth hub to select the best idea to host during the Halloween events. This meeting will be held on 11th February 2020. 

The original and factual ideas generated will be included in the Halloween 2020 activities. 

The youth who will come with the best idea will be automatically selected for the youth exchange in Finland. 

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