How can I find projects?

There are various possibilities to find the projects of your interest. Just check out the two versions below and follow the steps they indicate!

Option 1: Latest projects on OPIN.

1. Open the homepage

2. Scroll down the landing page of OPIN to see a collection of the latest projects.

3. Click on the project of your interest.

Option 2: Projects sorted by organisations.

1. Click on the tab organisations in the header.

2. A list of all the organisations, their location and necessary organisation info appears (be aware that there are various pages with organisations). Choose an organisation that you know and/or catches your interest and have a look at all the different projects they are running.

3. Click on the project of your interest.

The initiator of a project decides how long the participation phase/s is/are going to last. If there are only a few days left to participate, the projects will show how many days or hours you can still participate in them, e.g. . If a project is already finished it will show a  sign. 

How can I follow projects?

If you want to get informed about important happenings within the projects of your interest you have the possibility to follow them. Check out the steps below and learn how to do so! 

  1. Click on the project of your interest.

  2. Click  follow just below the project title.

  3. Now you will always be up to date on the latest news of the project you followed!