What functionalities can I find on OPIN?

OPIN offers different participation tools organisations can choose from, depending on the mission of their project. Some projects might focus on brainstorming for new ideas, e.g. to renew the schoolyard, while others aim to plan offline meetings or to discuss complex texts, e.g. position papers. The basic functionalities OPIN provides are:


  1. Create and discuss ideas - add ideas and comments concerning certain questions or problems.
  2. Create and discuss ideas on a map - add and comment on ideas for spatial projects.
  3. Discuss texts - add comments to any paragraph and take part in improving important written documents.
  4. Decide together agree /disagree with ideas or comments to show how you feel and / or to enhance the decision-making process.
  5. Support decision-making - express your opinion and be part of decisions by participating in polls.


What types of projects can I find on OPIN?

There are various types of projects which contain different elements of these functionalities. For a quick overview check out the following list of project types. For more detailed information and examples, click on the project type of your interest!

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