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Getting started

Getting started on OPIN is easy – here is a quick overview of what to do first

Dein Konto

Das Verwalten deines persönlichen Profils ist ganz einfach. Um zu starten, klick auf den Pfeil neben deinem Benutzernamen in der oberen rechten Ecke und wähle Kontoeinstellungen aus.


On OPIN you can engage in various forms of participation processes. Before deciding where and how you want to participate, find out everything you need to know about the different project types and tools we offer.


Ready to be active on OPIN? Here you’ll find more information on how to participate in the projects of your interest.

For Organisations

Public administrations and youth organizations of any size can set up their own participative processes. Here you’ll find all necessary information about how to initiate and manage your projects.

Additional Help

Still confused by so many new terms and information? Check out our glossary to clarify your questions!