Decorating the youth cafe

To get the young people to come up with new ideas on how to make the youth cafe more "youth friendly"

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The goal of this project is to get the young people that attend the youth cafe to come up with a variety of creative and fun ideas on how to make the youth cafe more "youth friendly", they can do this by suggesting what resources they would like at the youth cafe, how they want the youth cafe to look and the layout of the youth cafe. 

Благодаря за участието!

Този проект вече е приключил. Благодаря много на всички за участието в проекта!

Ideas from the young people on how the youth cafe can be more "youth friendly"

Young people to post a variety of creative and fun ideas of what they think would make the youth cafe a more "youth friendly" setting

By collecting suggestions and ideas from the youth, we will be able to work together with the young people to try and implement some of the suggestions, thereby engaging the young people whilst also creating a more "youth friendly" atmosphere that has the possibility to encourage a wider range of youth to attend the youth cafe. 

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