How can I start my own project?

1. Register on OPIN

2. Contact us via and provide:

  • Username and Emailaddress
  • Organisation name and its location
  • a short description of your project
  • you will receive a reply within 48 hours

3. After the set up, manage your projects via the dashboard error klein

If you need any help on how to follow these steps check out our user manual.


Check out the various participation processes you can set up on OPIN. Click on the sample projects below and get a first impression of how OPIN's projects look like for participants!

For further information about our different tools and process types click here.

Hints and Tricks

Is this your first eParticipation project? No problem, we provide background information and pracitcal tips! Our "Guidelines" will tell you everything about what is necessary in order to run a successful online process, like:

  • activating your participants
  • managing your community
  • moderating events
  • and much more

The Decision Support Tool


Are you still not sure which process suits your needs best?

For registered organisations OPIN provides a “decision support tool” that guides you through the jungle of participative methods and designs.

The tool will help you find the participation process that best matches your project, assist you in setting up an eParticipation process on the OPIN platform and provide practical information to successfully complete your project.