The project aims at developing youth-targeted services in accordance with preferences and needs identified by young people.



The overall goal of the project is to develop services relevant to young people of Samotia. For this purpose, our center will socilit feedback from local young people and other stakeholders and lead to the developmnent of youth programs and projects. The process of solicitation will be coordinated through a series of offline activities and OPIN plaftform. The offline activities of the project include capacity-building and coordination meetings which will be followed by the dissamination of the idea collection and voting event carried out via OPIN. As the result, our center initiate servieces based on the ideas and voting results obtained during the project.  

Thanks for participating!

This project is already over. Thanks a lot to everyone for taking part in the project!

Generator of Ideas: Voting

Based on the ideas generated during the first phase, local young people will be invited to vote for the idea that interests them the most.

The project is envisioned to increase the level of youth participation, improve the quality of existing services and deliver tailor-made services. As the result, local youth and all interested parties will build a capacity for using e-participatory tools as to apply to their contexts.